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At Leno, your home is our magnum opus. We thrive on a steadfast dedication to real estate development, investment, and marketing, furnishing us with an unparalleled edge in the marketplace. We remain unwavering in our guarantee of superior quality and infuse each of our projects with a contemporary finesse that encapsulates luxury. We invite you to explore our storied legacy and the principles that form the bedrock of our operation.

Current Projects

Oxford Mews

These six modern-day rowhomes are built with love, care, and a traditional homely touch focusing on space and serenity. The front entrance opens into a lovely front yard with stunning landscaping and a private lane located at the rear. Windows at the front of the property let in natural sunlight framed by a beautiful red...

Home Owners

Your pre-move-in tour is your exclusive preview of your soon-to-be home. Guided by our expert field manager, you'll get the chance to familiarize yourself with the luxury and comfort that awaits you. This walk-through includes key details like the location of the fuse box, the operation of the gas and water shut-offs, and useful tips for navigating your parking and storage spaces. This orientation is designed to ensure your transition into your new home is smooth, well-informed, and absolutely effortless.

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